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Who we are

The website address is:, and our data are:
Company: Parnica-Chescu Laurentiu-Adrian P.F.A.
EU VAT: RO 39476604
ID: 27190772
No. Reg. Com: F32/898/2010
Address: Praga street, No. 9
City: Sibiu
Region: Transylvania
Country: Romania
European Union

SECTION A - game rules

Even if we are talking about a game of devils, it does not mean that we are in a lawless land. There are rules that players must follow if they want to continue playing with their demons. This game is satire and should be treated as such. However, the services offered and the administration of the site are very serious matters.

§1 - Registration

Even though the state often forces us to have dual personalities, we decided that it is good that each player is allowed to have only one account per game, per server. A player caught with a second account will be severely punished. the punishment can range from temporary banning to the reduction of the resources of the main account. Secondary accounts will be deleted.

§2 - Passwords

Passing on the account password to another player, be it an ally, is not recommended, and the player who does so does so at his own risk, without receiving help from the administrators afterwards. The account owner is directly responsible for all account actions. That's why there is no compensation for any damage done by people who know your account password. Forcing other players to hand over their passwords is prohibited and will be punished.

§3 - Use of the same PC

The use of the same computer by two players is allowed.

§4 - Behavior

Even if we live in Romania, it does not mean that we have to behave like in the jungle. All participants in the game must communicate in a polite and civilized manner. Offensive messages are prohibited both in chat and in profile descriptions, in account names, in messages sent to other players. Anyone who uses such messages will be banned (access to the server is temporarily suspended). The use of abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language as well as the pejorative treatment of any religion, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or age group is prohibited. Also, arguing will not be tolerated.
Players will also show respect to administrators and moderators and to their decisions. Those who do not comply with the rules of conduct will suffer temporary suspensions from the game or even reduction in resources.
Defaming the administrators, moderators and the Gotgremlins team is prohibited and can be punished with the suspension of the account for a very long period, up to one year.

§5 - Communication

Publishing attack reports in-game, on chat or on the forum, without the consent of both parties, is prohibited. The publication of messages between players or those received from administrators on the chat or forum is also prohibited, without the consent of both parties.

§6 - Spam

Advertising of any kind and spam messages are prohibited. Players can post links on chat to sites with movies, music or other content as long as these sites do not contain offensive messages. Links to games competing with are prohibited, i.e. games on the same profile as this one (browser game).

§7 - Identity

Players who pretend to be from the game administration will be punished. The use of immoral and offensive names is prohibited.

§7.1 - Inactive accounts

Accounts of players who have not logged in for 30 days are declared inactive and lose their existing resources, including credits. Accounts declared inactive are kept for another 30 days, after which they can be deleted.
Accounts banned at the end of a round are automatically deleted.

§8 - Sanctions

For any violation of chat rules, admins or moderators will take appropriate action immediately. For more serious abuse, administrators can suspend or even delete accounts. Discovery of a second player account will be punished by account deletion and player sanctions.
Administrators and moderators can generally grant punishments ranging from the temporary suspension of access to the game (bans), for any period, to the reduction of the resources of the targeted account and even their deletion. The punishments are given depending on the seriousness of the irregularities committed as well as the antecedents of the person punished. Repeated violations of the regulation will bring greater penalties.

§8.1 - Penalties for Multiple Accounts

Players who are found to have more than one account on the same server will be severely punished. Thus, the penalty for having two accounts on the same server is the deletion of one of them and the halving of the resources and buildings of the second. Those discovered with more than two accounts will be left with only one of them, which will be reset to the level from the beginning of the round!

§9 Game errors

Programming errors (also called "bugs") cannot be used for your own benefit. Any abuse will lead to the sanctioning of the account in question. Players who discover bugs should report it to administrators or moderators so that it can be fixed.

§10 - Loans

Players who receive credits will not receive special treatment from administrators and moderators. They are subject to the same rules and penalties as the rest of the players. Credits received by players cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.

§11 - Fair Play

Players will demonstrate Fair Play. They will play correctly and will not create artificial advantages for themselves, by using and exploiting other accounts of other players, in exchange for favors from them on other servers. Repeated transfers of objects from one account to another are prohibited.

§12 - Personal data, orders requires the entry of a single unique email address, through which a user can create an account in the game. This unique address is required for login and for communication with the user. has not alienated and will never alienate to third parties this minimum data collected when registering an account (email address). If you want to delete all the data collected by about you, send an email to and we will take care of it quickly.

§13 Data requested for the purchase of services, for the invoice
Optionally, any user can opt for the purchase of services that provide certain facilities in the game. If the user registered on chooses to purchase additional services offered in the game by choosing to pay with the card, the user will have to enter some personal data that we will use to issue the invoice, such as name and address. These data will also have to be entered on the website of our payment operator, Paypal.

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§13 - Modification of the Regulation

The team reserves the right to modify the Game Rules at any time. The regulation can be consulted at any time by accessing the special page in the game. If, after the game rules have been changed, a player does not agree with the new version, he can ask for the account to be deleted. If the players do not announce the deletion of the account within 5 working days from the moment of the announcement of the change in the regulation, it is considered that they have accepted the new variant. The team can make changes (updates) to the game system at any time.

SECTION B - general conditions

1 Personal information

We collect basic information from the user that is necessary for the functionality of the game, such as email, username and password. We do not use advertising, so we do not use advertising identifiers.

1.1 Data requested when purchasing services, for the invoice
Optionally, any user can opt for the purchase of services that provide certain facilities in the game. If the user registered on chooses to purchase additional services offered in the game by choosing to pay with the card, the user will have to enter some personal data that we will use to issue the invoice, such as name and address. These data will also have to be entered on the website of our payment operator, Paypal.

2. What is the Purpose of Information Collection?

We collect the information specified above to:

– enable the User to securely log into the Game and enable the Company to provide, support, improve, customize and enhance the Services based on end users' preferences and interactions with the Services;

– to detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical problems;

– respond to claims that any content available through the Service violates the rights of third parties;

- to resolve disputes and enforce our policies, including investigating potential violations thereof, for law enforcement purposes or in accordance with any applicable law or regulation.

3. Who we share information with

We do not share personal information with third parties, except for Paypal, in case users opt for paid services and in the case of situations required by law.

4. Information for children

The Services are not directed at or intended for children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect or solicit information from anyone under the age of 13. If we subsequently obtain actual knowledge that an end user is under the age of 13, we will take steps to remove the end user's information from our systems.

5. Storage and Retention of Information

Site login information is stored securely on our servers and can be deleted upon user request.

6. Security and Privacy

We use standard information security tools and measures, as well as strict internal procedures and guidelines to prevent information misuse and data leakage. Our team accesses information on a "need to know" basis and subject to confidentiality obligations. Although we strive to use commercially acceptable means and procedures to protect information that greatly reduce the risks of data misuse, we cannot guarantee that our systems will be absolutely secure. To notify the Company of any security vulnerability or possible data breach, please contact us at: and we will take appropriate measures to address such incident as we deem necessary.

SECTION C - Cookie Policy does not directly use cookies. occasionally uses Google analytics services for minimal traffic statistics, which, in turn, use cookies to deliver these services. This information used by the analytics operator, through cookies, never reaches You can read the Google Privacy Policy and the Google Terms of Service. If you want to exercise your rights mentioned by the GDPR regulation regarding your account or if you have any other concerns in this regard, please send your request to