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Round 127
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The Herbs of Abundance
The Light of Kimera
Purple Seed
A Wizard`s Wand
The Hermit`s Ring
The Golden Leaf
Super Herbs of Abundance
Super Light of Kimera
Super Purple Seed
Wizards`s Super Wand
St Peter`s Sandals
The Heart of the Mountain
Jack`s Beans
The Book of Fairies
The Roots from Haunted Valley
The Bottomless Chest
The Monk`s Bag
The Magic Flute
The Crystal Globe
The Fairy`s Necklace
King Arthur`s Ring
The Golden Egg
Ivan`s Devils Cage
A Dwarf Boot
White Whitch`s Light
Eastern Knight`s Gloves
The Magic Mirror
St. Peter`s Staff
The Golden Apple
The Mantle of Lucifer
BlueBird`s feather
Yeti`s Boots
Rumpelstiltskin`s Dagger
Simbad`s Bottle
The Dragon`s Pot
St. Elijah s Whip
Belt of the Evil Witch
Sleeping Beauty`s Needle
The Stone Giant`s Hammer
Prince Charming`s Sword
The Mace of the Dragon
Scales from a Golden Fish
Atilla`s Axe
St. George s Spear
St Andrew`s Cross
Sword of Zalmoxis
The King`s Scepter
The Mace with Three Seals
The Swords of Destiny
Tears from the All Seeing Eye
Essence of Clouds
Tea of Icarus
The Purple Flame
Charmed Wine
The Purple Flame 24
The Purple Flame 48
The Purple Flame 7 days
Elixir of Truth
Super Elixir of Truth
Elixir of Youth
Potion of Illusions
Super Elixir of Youth
Potion of Calm
Potion of Opened Eyes


   Round 126

Champion principe 167.944.467.006gremlins
Silver dan1eu
Bronze bulosu 6.859.654.173gremlins
4 th *xxx* 2.529.821.959gremlins
5 th nelutzu 436.498.744gremlins
6 th kinglogic 6.923.422gremlins
7 th warun 6.921.732gremlins
8 th gebeleizis 6.918.960gremlins
9 th nufibou 6.916.247gremlins
10 th dalupan67 6.916.247gremlins

   Round 125

Champion dan1eu 110.901.485.722gremlins
Silver *xxx* 88.715.331.375gremlins
Bronze bulosu 80.568.952.746gremlins
4 th nelutzu 63.002.321.134gremlins
5 th leonidas 1.418.953.098gremlins
6 th principe 165.432.856gremlins
7 th azrael 15.976.916gremlins
8 th kinglogic 6.680.310gremlins
9 th minana 6.030.294gremlins
10 th dqlova59 6.026.597gremlins

   Round 124

Champion dan1eu 93.223.841.366gremlins
Silver *xxx* 75.491.465.052gremlins
Bronze leaveu 61.088.350.382gremlins
4 th bulosu 26.888.452.063gremlins
5 th nelutzu 23.933.486.174gremlins
6 th leonidas 3.974.519.370gremlins
7 th principe 3.348.293.669gremlins
8 th inteleptu 19.981.910gremlins
9 th legion 6.677.490gremlins
10 th kinglogic 6.566.454gremlins

   Round 123

Champion *xxx* 169.924.321.322gremlins
Silver dan1eu 126.302.398.587gremlins
Bronze nelutzu
4 th aantdh
5 th principe 8.265.604.691gremlins
6 th leonidas 1.746.580.753gremlins
7 th legion 339.613.546gremlins
8 th inteleptu 16.883.383gremlins
9 th whatalovelyday 6.899.053gremlins
10 th florinel12 6.898.863gremlins

   Round 122

Champion dan1eu 156.815.434.302gremlins
Silver *xxx* 85.165.355.737gremlins
Bronze nelutzu 41.033.594.533gremlins
4 th principe 12.219.373.288gremlins
5 th leonidas 5.711.120.863gremlins
6 th inteleptu 107.402.724gremlins
7 th georgexxl 44.529.072gremlins
8 th belzebub 41.212.355gremlins
9 th aantdh 20.253.501gremlins
10 th maresalul 5.165.744gremlins

   Round 121

Champion nelutzu 3.287.836.694.344gremlins
Silver *xxx* 1.225.546.224.752gremlins
Bronze dan1eu 711.253.822.117gremlins
4 th principe
5 th aantdh 27.779.023.695gremlins
6 th leonidas 8.313.487.987gremlins
7 th inteleptu 4.799.151.063gremlins
8 th georgexxl 493.836.711gremlins
9 th azrael 318.593.520gremlins
10 th fluffy 53.595.341gremlins

   Round 120

Champion nelutzu 456.223.583.483gremlins
Silver principe 347.865.149.352gremlins
Bronze *xxx* 47.275.686.139gremlins
4 th dan1eu 4.700.586.665gremlins
5 th vrajit0rul 25.905.444gremlins
6 th warun 6.241.215gremlins
7 th faramouss 5.740.760gremlins
8 th smashedolbasher 5.732.336gremlins
9 th nufibou 5.727.181gremlins
10 th peitho 5.725.470gremlins

   Round 119

Champion principe 124.615.143.157gremlins
Silver nelutzu 39.343.216.474gremlins
Bronze azrael 58.578.444gremlins
4 th redix- 6.392.146gremlins
5 th highjynx 6.369.347gremlins
6 th srcalavera 6.368.685gremlins
7 th made_in_china 6.368.537gremlins
8 th alina 6.368.493gremlins
9 th joker 6.367.141gremlins
10 th odys1 6.366.788gremlins

   Round 118

Champion principe 140.473.845.544gremlins
Silver aantdh 16.033.467.861gremlins
Bronze nelutzu 4.134.469.365gremlins
4 th omenzor 6.941.971gremlins
5 th kristy 6.941.969gremlins
6 th kinglogic 6.941.969gremlins
7 th gebeleizis 6.941.969gremlins
8 th boyon 6.941.969gremlins
9 th coolatron 6.941.969gremlins
10 th smashedolbasher 6.941.969gremlins

   Round 117

Champion nelutzu 73.720.614.897gremlins
Silver sarmala97 7.350.449.096gremlins
Bronze principe 2.238.921.300gremlins
4 th azrael 186.084.308gremlins
5 th smashedolbasher 6.782.650gremlins
6 th capitan_salamy 6.749.772gremlins
7 th mishu23 6.746.615gremlins
8 th georgep 6.745.755gremlins
9 th odys1 6.744.964gremlins
10 th danaila 6.743.761gremlins

   Round 116

Champion principe 177.415.116.740gremlins
Silver sarmala97
Bronze nelutzu 1.055.422.411gremlins
4 th azrael 29.989.642gremlins
5 th belzebub 11.650.113gremlins
6 th faramouss 6.917.430gremlins
7 th omenzor 6.916.178gremlins
8 th kristy 6.913.863gremlins
9 th gebeleizis 6.906.019gremlins
10 th umbra 6.800.660gremlins

   Round 115

Champion principe 280.258.490.735gremlins
Silver sarmala97 46.729.342.050gremlins
Bronze aantdh 1.518.566.984gremlins
4 th belzebub 1.075.966.414gremlins
5 th corvino 314.443.344gremlins
6 th nelutzu 250.979.268gremlins
7 th leonidas 8.843.513gremlins
8 th ardeleanu 6.329.827gremlins
9 th legion 6.322.936gremlins
10 th stefanm140 6.225.374gremlins

   Round 114

Champion aantdh 120.944.682.030gremlins
Silver principe 114.497.544.501gremlins
Bronze inteleptu 6.826.530.437gremlins
4 th belzebub 3.024.529.857gremlins
5 th corvino 2.230.697.396gremlins
6 th azrael 64.633.476gremlins
7 th georgep 6.916.253gremlins
8 th peitho 6.916.253gremlins
9 th nufibou 6.916.253gremlins
10 th capitan_salamy 6.916.253gremlins

   Round 113

Champion principe
Silver nelutzu 46.700.082.489gremlins
Bronze corvino 1.021.858.347gremlins
4 th azrael 125.653.025gremlins
5 th nufibou 6.914.016gremlins
6 th chino 6.898.629gremlins
7 th marius1 6.897.125gremlins
8 th corado84 6.891.136gremlins
9 th edenarwen 6.882.615gremlins
10 th spidey 6.879.052gremlins

   Round 112

Champion principe 132.736.273.965gremlins
Silver leonidas 73.449.977.836gremlins
Bronze nelutzu 11.102.711.643gremlins
4 th corvino 273.558.052gremlins
5 th uberr 6.884.450gremlins
6 th caedo 6.581.131gremlins
7 th glenderbender 6.578.740gremlins
8 th kinglogic 6.578.417gremlins
9 th chino 6.577.642gremlins
10 th corado84 6.577.144gremlins

   Round 111

Champion uberr 41.737.956.657gremlins
Silver principe 30.952.102.327gremlins
Bronze leonidas
4 th nelutzu 2.417.170.887gremlins
5 th georgexxl 23.303.898gremlins
6 th dalupan67 6.870.195gremlins
7 th pepsi 6.345.817gremlins
8 th lucifer1 6.344.512gremlins
9 th mauryc 6.324.882gremlins
10 th themagiccube 6.323.083gremlins

   Round 110

Champion nelutzu 62.517.753.607gremlins
Silver uberr 58.952.559.649gremlins
Bronze leonidas 4.973.256.738gremlins
4 th georgexxl 88.442.427gremlins
5 th azrael 37.205.306gremlins
6 th boyon 5.599.637gremlins
7 th edenarwen 5.599.634gremlins
8 th holyterror 5.599.463gremlins
9 th cueball 5.599.112gremlins
10 th akella 5.599.107gremlins

   Round 109

Champion hugo_boss 1.838.460.804.729gremlins
Silver georgexxl 785.847.886.623gremlins
Bronze saray 397.883.568.904gremlins
4 th leonidas 164.541.252.030gremlins
5 th nelutzu 27.778.249.835gremlins
6 th maresalul 7.732.164.138gremlins
7 th uberr 3.592.318.914gremlins
8 th principe 3.464.404.225gremlins
9 th belzebub 101.366.020gremlins
10 th georgep 56.710.901gremlins

   Round 108

Champion hugo_boss 264.600.296.382gremlins
Silver maresalul 73.142.410.221gremlins
Bronze principe 38.772.488.484gremlins
4 th leonidas 23.379.951.837gremlins
5 th georgexxl 16.245.350.614gremlins
6 th legolas 11.808.985.903gremlins
7 th saray 67.479.714gremlins
8 th nelutzu 50.816.955gremlins
9 th dracula 11.378.198gremlins
10 th kristy 6.915.034gremlins

   Round 107

Champion legolas 605.167.891.187gremlins
Silver hugo_boss 183.000.361.050gremlins
Bronze crazyoda69 171.782.135.636gremlins
4 th nelutzu 32.629.413.801gremlins
5 th dracula 29.174.628.557gremlins
6 th principe 13.530.066.379gremlins
7 th leonidas 1.788.102.102gremlins
8 th maresalul 289.627.730gremlins
9 th nununo1 14.383.220gremlins
10 th saray 14.282.169gremlins

   Round 106

Champion legolas 233.708.041.376gremlins
Silver dracula 172.201.660.795gremlins
Bronze tranquila 142.434.254.110gremlins
4 th nelutzu
5 th principe 17.590.789.893gremlins
6 th maresalul 6.158.615.200gremlins
7 th georgexxl 3.734.043.037gremlins
8 th leonidas 2.584.806.769gremlins
9 th hugo_boss 75.910.443gremlins
10 th srcalavera 6.441.819gremlins

   Round 105

Champion georgexxl 274.673.325.924gremlins
Silver dracula 267.951.216.378gremlins
Bronze legolas 31.335.940.224gremlins
4 th nelutzu 15.141.452.884gremlins
5 th principe
6 th donsel 34.278.643gremlins
7 th dalupan67 6.720.979gremlins
8 th omenzor 6.568.525gremlins
9 th mack5 6.563.814gremlins
10 th darutek 6.278.209gremlins

   Round 104

Champion legolas 412.994.107.776gremlins
Silver dracula 155.488.528.916gremlins
Bronze principe 134.191.839.634gremlins
4 th donsel 25.144.467.150gremlins
5 th crazyoda69 441.629.735gremlins
6 th nelutzu 286.440.870gremlins
7 th georgexxl 71.345.117gremlins
8 th pablito 19.436.000gremlins
9 th dqlova55 14.061.680gremlins
10 th capitan_salamy 6.905.780gremlins

   Round 103

Champion georgexxl 189.427.816.726gremlins
Silver maresalul 92.663.739.527gremlins
Bronze demon 73.925.848.508gremlins
4 th dracula 69.362.126.893gremlins
5 th principe 52.273.720.236gremlins
6 th dqlova55 15.308.718gremlins
7 th matei 12.748.822gremlins
8 th vrajit0rul 5.620.303gremlins
9 th blackswan 5.321.448gremlins
10 th ghost 5.318.779gremlins

   Round 102

Champion crazyoda69 552.787.104.570gremlins
Silver georgexxl 340.612.109.903gremlins
Bronze tranquila 275.271.971.872gremlins
4 th principe
5 th maresalul 28.081.449.601gremlins
6 th pablito 20.908.812.296gremlins
7 th demon 6.151.437.539gremlins
8 th dracula 1.170.614.672gremlins
9 th legolas 432.786.260gremlins
10 th nelutzu 416.431.012gremlins

   Round 101

Champion georgexxl 192.061.397.441gremlins
Silver principe 75.068.592.730gremlins
Bronze demon
4 th tranquila 3.846.908.206gremlins
5 th crazyoda69
6 th nelutzu 755.409.311gremlins
7 th maresalul 143.770.360gremlins
8 th marius1 13.030.851gremlins
9 th blackswan 5.314.847gremlins
10 th ghost 5.294.335gremlins

   Round 100

Champion principe 177.028.833.678gremlins
Silver georgexxl 73.437.872.988gremlins
Bronze demon
4 th corvino 763.482.019gremlins
5 th nelutzu 214.923.162gremlins
6 th legion 47.225.157gremlins
7 th marius1 17.672.682gremlins
8 th proximus 12.384.830gremlins
9 th pysy91 10.034.840gremlins
10 th stefanm140 6.577.173gremlins

   Round 99

Champion georgexxl
Silver maresalul 48.635.878.175gremlins
Bronze donsel 42.186.715.862gremlins
4 th principe 27.860.565.266gremlins
5 th belzebub 1.626.992.306gremlins
6 th corvino 1.426.579.200gremlins
7 th legion 64.393.668gremlins
8 th leonidas 26.611.501gremlins
9 th proximus 6.430.750gremlins
10 th blackswan 5.303.778gremlins

   Round 98

Champion dan1eu 222.484.653.485gremlins
Silver georgexxl 83.544.970.540gremlins
Bronze donsel 45.607.415.375gremlins
4 th principe 42.278.741.667gremlins
5 th spocz 4.716.873.899gremlins
6 th maresalul 2.012.699.138gremlins
7 th belzebub 1.129.958.111gremlins
8 th leonidas 1.007.795.110gremlins
9 th corvino 644.228.424gremlins
10 th mrleaf 433.032.724gremlins

   Round 97

Champion principe 1.294.730.667.911gremlins
Silver leonidas 1.022.670.891.724gremlins
Bronze demon 923.429.410.109gremlins
4 th georgexxl 580.777.853.718gremlins
5 th corvino 43.447.721.833gremlins
6 th crowley 10.382.431.162gremlins
7 th belzebub 3.391.307.124gremlins
8 th aldvik 1.988.207.767gremlins
9 th maresalul 1.838.405.551gremlins
10 th nelutzu

   Round 96

Champion principe 174.012.453.763gremlins
Silver demon
Bronze leonidas 35.505.861.591gremlins
4 th corvino 416.473.571gremlins
5 th crowley 50.299.803gremlins
6 th nelutzu 42.347.981gremlins
7 th georgexxl 32.792.038gremlins
8 th legion 8.931.590gremlins
9 th aldvik 6.477.641gremlins
10 th ghost 5.343.163gremlins

   Round 95

Champion principe 86.077.769.144gremlins
Silver demon
Bronze leonidas 1.041.563.401gremlins
4 th maresalul 792.695.836gremlins
5 th donsel 536.314.242gremlins
6 th nelutzu 269.426.952gremlins
7 th pysy91 223.644.587gremlins
8 th corvino 196.294.469gremlins
9 th legion 12.008.656gremlins
10 th blackswan 5.321.042gremlins

   Round 94

Champion principe 84.347.645.062gremlins
Silver donsel 26.590.496.603gremlins
Bronze leonidas 6.876.267.147gremlins
4 th corvino
5 th maresalul 139.659.187gremlins
6 th legion 24.147.244gremlins
7 th crowley 11.610.266gremlins
8 th nelutzu 5.996.603gremlins
9 th peitho 5.741.149gremlins
10 th nufibou 5.727.141gremlins

   Round 93

Champion donsel
Silver principe
Bronze leonidas 2.838.500.820gremlins
4 th crowley 1.924.962.924gremlins
5 th maresalul 145.452.943gremlins
6 th marius1 104.703.229gremlins
7 th corvino 11.389.417gremlins
8 th gorilacoco 10.819.168gremlins
9 th legion 6.847.080gremlins
10 th pysy91 6.789.665gremlins

   Round 92

Champion josearmando 73.279.346.889gremlins
Silver principe 42.641.948.900gremlins
Bronze donsel 35.718.881.832gremlins
4 th georgexxl 3.129.561.368gremlins
5 th corvino 401.878.773gremlins
6 th pysy91 95.034.312gremlins
7 th marius1 11.573.862gremlins
8 th legion 8.113.940gremlins
9 th matei555 5.841.903gremlins
10 th smarty93 5.604.318gremlins

   Round 91

Champion matei555
Silver principe
Bronze josearmando 79.535.826.269gremlins
4 th maresalul 32.596.230.519gremlins
5 th donsel 16.441.006.260gremlins
6 th dau3d 1.649.276.865gremlins
7 th pysy91 305.440.345gremlins
8 th marius1 280.656.483gremlins
9 th corvino 156.953.941gremlins
10 th legion 10.822.379gremlins

   Round 90

Champion josearmando 147.152.993.894gremlins
Silver principe 94.748.398.468gremlins
Bronze nelutzu 61.859.407.374gremlins
4 th maresalul 11.658.924.451gremlins
5 th pysy91 1.872.509.454gremlins
6 th corvino 187.539.889gremlins
7 th legion 91.216.335gremlins
8 th bioshock 50.084.861gremlins
9 th donsel 15.313.799gremlins
10 th corado84 6.489.203gremlins

   Round 89

Champion matei555 202.031.300.185gremlins
Silver maresalul
Bronze principe 71.826.069.906gremlins
4 th dau3d 26.664.394.853gremlins
5 th saray 10.246.688.502gremlins
6 th corvino 6.394.854.996gremlins
7 th donsel 332.125.509gremlins
8 th hugo_boss 219.482.893gremlins
9 th legion 39.241.952gremlins
10 th hacker 6.929.663gremlins

   Round 88

Champion georgexxl 153.855.817.214gremlins
Silver matei555 103.978.715.548gremlins
Bronze principe 92.752.302.804gremlins
4 th maresalul 49.913.298.032gremlins
5 th donsel 26.598.258.800gremlins
6 th hugo_boss 3.798.408.520gremlins
7 th crowley 2.830.865.290gremlins
8 th leonidas 2.527.346.623gremlins
9 th dau3d 900.304.156gremlins
10 th corvino 474.237.304gremlins

   Round 87

Champion principe 159.117.450.123gremlins
Silver matei555
Bronze maresalul 43.790.979.087gremlins
4 th georgexxl 2.573.021.983gremlins
5 th marius1 442.300.028gremlins
6 th corvino 396.398.118gremlins
7 th leonidas 252.492.457gremlins
8 th elvis 161.737.020gremlins
9 th crowley 53.222.395gremlins
10 th legion 32.999.135gremlins

   Round 86

Champion georgexxl 385.685.481.938gremlins
Silver maresalul 159.298.477.452gremlins
Bronze sarmala97 28.455.660.664gremlins
4 th principe 9.778.718.078gremlins
5 th matei555 6.960.276.666gremlins
6 th leonidas 5.880.996.774gremlins
7 th marius1 3.456.198.403gremlins
8 th legion 2.013.532.428gremlins
9 th elvis 1.515.954.881gremlins
10 th corvino 460.112.673gremlins

   Round 85

Champion thunder 1.559.777.892.966gremlins
Silver arghir 1.177.774.942.293gremlins
Bronze elvis 1.159.402.275.231gremlins
4 th dan1eu 824.825.697.795gremlins
5 th sarmala97 617.519.323.970gremlins
6 th nelutzu 448.649.142.510gremlins
7 th crowley 285.735.225.656gremlins
8 th spocz 121.501.827.862gremlins
9 th vrajit0rul 109.796.982.302gremlins
10 th corvino 45.366.166.807gremlins

   Round 84

Champion thunder 271.610.903.811gremlins
Silver dan1eu 244.765.942.861gremlins
Bronze arghir 143.902.663.942gremlins
4 th corvino 22.576.106.967gremlins
5 th elvis 15.690.260.829gremlins
6 th marius1 11.820.706.405gremlins
7 th delux 4.956.409.525gremlins
8 th profy 3.655.149.247gremlins
9 th nelutzu 1.311.818.493gremlins
10 th spocz

   Round 83

Champion dan1eu 96.112.837.355gremlins
Silver nelutzu 81.511.394.479gremlins
Bronze elvis 59.678.610.988gremlins
4 th delux 44.101.430.657gremlins
5 th marius1 40.730.047.063gremlins
6 th corvino 32.513.528.899gremlins
7 th profy 5.669.071.557gremlins
8 th legion 451.644.952gremlins
9 th gebeleizis 323.194.496gremlins
10 th leonidas 32.868.243gremlins

   Round 82

Champion nelutzu
Silver georgexxl 55.437.753.477gremlins
Bronze delux 47.211.765.346gremlins
4 th marius1 23.534.082.466gremlins
5 th dan1eu 19.026.833.513gremlins
6 th profy 11.566.237.969gremlins
7 th elvis 9.992.334.546gremlins
8 th leonidas 701.919.262gremlins
9 th corvino 641.110.461gremlins
10 th aldvik 232.174.176gremlins

   Round 81

Champion georgexxl 127.742.414.029gremlins
Silver maresalul 110.196.649.703gremlins
Bronze marius1 24.231.920.929gremlins
4 th corvino 10.022.328.856gremlins
5 th nelutzu 9.728.348.336gremlins
6 th profy
7 th donsel 1.751.004.504gremlins
8 th elvis 366.490.426gremlins
9 th gebeleizis 342.617.028gremlins
10 th leonidas 158.177.037gremlins

   Round 80

Champion dan1eu 283.921.222.439gremlins
Silver marius1 112.002.780.518gremlins
Bronze gebeleizis 109.963.873.580gremlins
4 th corvino 91.736.574.304gremlins
5 th nelutzu 31.870.047.291gremlins
6 th spocz 2.721.718.879gremlins
7 th vrajit0rul 1.560.885.306gremlins
8 th legion 1.474.964.121gremlins
9 th maresalul 186.657.585gremlins
10 th leonidas 44.244.578gremlins

   Round 79

Champion marius1 195.986.443.065gremlins
Silver dan1eu 66.992.301.450gremlins
Bronze corvino
4 th aldvik 29.616.201.100gremlins
5 th profy 13.017.515.923gremlins
6 th legion 7.209.522.731gremlins
7 th belzebub 2.081.742.773gremlins
8 th principe 1.427.831.549gremlins
9 th leonidas 270.517.327gremlins
10 th spocz 109.064.339gremlins

   Round 78

Champion georgexxl 244.619.353.173gremlins
Silver maresalul 127.797.987.017gremlins
Bronze principe 83.858.489.428gremlins
4 th leonidas 7.584.276.774gremlins
5 th dan1eu 7.510.843.873gremlins
6 th belzebub 5.229.546.932gremlins
7 th blackangel 1.931.924.362gremlins
8 th lucifer1 1.155.591.190gremlins
9 th corvino 578.696.343gremlins
10 th marius1 576.706.673gremlins

   Round 77

Champion georgexxl 498.798.336.748gremlins
Silver profy 201.300.405.269gremlins
Bronze maresalul 30.036.717.542gremlins
4 th principe 9.971.031.600gremlins
5 th dan1eu 8.212.565.962gremlins
6 th delux 5.074.512.145gremlins
7 th adrian 4.698.903.718gremlins
8 th elvis 3.619.243.997gremlins
9 th arghir 2.563.293.071gremlins
10 th marius1 1.225.497.379gremlins

   Round 76

Champion georgexxl 235.472.829.838gremlins
Silver maresalul
Bronze leonidas 24.038.408.841gremlins
4 th principe 17.650.764.500gremlins
5 th corvino 10.963.118.216gremlins
6 th donsel 5.858.280.257gremlins
7 th delux 5.124.424.273gremlins
8 th elvis
9 th marius1
10 th profy 3.013.475.100gremlins

   Round 75

Champion principe 144.225.734.819gremlins
Silver leonidas
Bronze maresalul 45.730.071.087gremlins
4 th corvino 19.419.558.402gremlins
5 th profy
6 th marius1 4.952.798.270gremlins
7 th elvis 3.172.912.056gremlins
8 th delux 325.811.356gremlins
9 th legion 241.296.006gremlins
10 th pysy91 103.700.820gremlins

   Round 74

Champion maresalul 332.388.149.684gremlins
Silver georgexxl 182.383.864.035gremlins
Bronze leonidas 95.242.471.926gremlins
4 th pysy91 12.503.552.826gremlins
5 th ciocolata 7.560.231.922gremlins
6 th saray 2.484.383.999gremlins
7 th blue0901 1.760.036.042gremlins
8 th principe 1.410.710.449gremlins
9 th profy 1.338.987.828gremlins
10 th marius1 1.078.518.625gremlins

   Round 73

Champion corvino 1.866.867.560.772gremlins
Silver aldvik 975.972.118.224gremlins
Bronze marius1 910.253.730.730gremlins
4 th profy 487.403.712.592gremlins
5 th nelutzu 362.831.353.927gremlins
6 th elvis 359.529.031.251gremlins
7 th delux 64.943.616.136gremlins
8 th legion 49.743.645.461gremlins
9 th blue0901
10 th pysy91 24.634.967.655gremlins

   Round 72

Champion principe 108.338.928.814gremlins
Silver corvino 58.341.385.511gremlins
Bronze leonidas 19.739.390.177gremlins
4 th marius1
5 th aldvik 3.039.877.933gremlins
6 th delux 1.552.038.112gremlins
7 th nelutzu 1.232.751.293gremlins
8 th profy
9 th elvis 763.933.745gremlins
10 th legion 221.987.743gremlins

   Round 71

Champion delux 119.693.629.327gremlins
Silver marius1 109.431.857.669gremlins
Bronze corvino
4 th profy 18.898.711.474gremlins
5 th principe 12.571.158.347gremlins
6 th nelutzu 11.454.753.307gremlins
7 th aldvik 8.114.941.556gremlins
8 th leonidas 2.079.794.992gremlins
9 th elvis 340.279.895gremlins
10 th legion 46.105.217gremlins

   Round 70

Champion marius1 156.194.475.577gremlins
Silver corvino 47.473.593.138gremlins
Bronze elvis 45.061.874.367gremlins
4 th nelutzu 40.888.039.542gremlins
5 th profy 37.484.142.504gremlins
6 th aldvik 11.870.587.629gremlins
7 th principe 7.969.507.189gremlins
8 th delux 790.512.011gremlins
9 th legion 760.527.408gremlins
10 th leonidas 450.930.136gremlins

   Round 69

Champion nelutzu 110.757.198.532gremlins
Silver marius1 88.769.109.699gremlins
Bronze aldvik 72.310.109.157gremlins
4 th elvis
5 th profy 25.967.428.521gremlins
6 th corvino 3.131.826.458gremlins
7 th leonidas 1.482.557.392gremlins
8 th principe 1.275.589.661gremlins
9 th delux 54.608.406gremlins
10 th nicusimo 28.911.167gremlins

   Round 68

Champion delux 185.905.636.482gremlins
Silver blackangel 164.091.333.597gremlins
Bronze principe 38.567.203.278gremlins
4 th elvis 28.850.848.015gremlins
5 th marius1 17.342.492.121gremlins
6 th corvino 15.385.962.227gremlins
7 th aldvik 15.050.437.533gremlins
8 th leonidas 11.681.554.494gremlins
9 th profy 3.859.229.004gremlins
10 th barba-verde 488.841.232gremlins

   Round 67

Champion marius1
Silver elvis 46.449.334.919gremlins
Bronze nelutzu 44.412.756.698gremlins
4 th aldvik 30.074.392.283gremlins
5 th corvino 7.948.643.049gremlins
6 th profy 4.986.191.199gremlins
7 th principe 2.404.294.950gremlins
8 th leonidas 725.881.040gremlins
9 th legion 211.401.752gremlins
10 th blackangel 89.712.381gremlins

   Round 66

Champion corvino 114.755.319.049gremlins
Silver aldvik 66.364.937.065gremlins
Bronze profy 64.114.503.008gremlins
4 th principe 46.477.518.442gremlins
5 th marius1 29.476.859.195gremlins
6 th leonidas 4.858.924.426gremlins
7 th bioshock 4.698.854.863gremlins
8 th nelutzu 4.651.747.046gremlins
9 th elvis 3.015.373.652gremlins
10 th legion 435.746.489gremlins

   Round 65

Champion marius1 111.539.596.006gremlins
Silver profy 92.356.756.608gremlins
Bronze adrian 54.827.230.095gremlins
4 th aldvik 24.228.621.209gremlins
5 th elvis 9.368.092.530gremlins
6 th bioshock 8.903.808.398gremlins
7 th leonidas 7.576.699.531gremlins
8 th principe 5.792.613.566gremlins
9 th corvino 3.191.992.295gremlins
10 th nelutzu 1.908.681.135gremlins

   Round 64

Champion marius1 96.428.967.952gremlins
Silver nelutzu 61.926.429.717gremlins
Bronze corvino 34.541.599.455gremlins
4 th elvis 27.365.706.145gremlins
5 th profy 25.671.678.949gremlins
6 th aldvik 19.781.933.727gremlins
7 th leonidas 10.077.585.436gremlins
8 th adrian 7.506.658.925gremlins
9 th legion 1.506.804.696gremlins
10 th principe

   Round 63

Champion corvino 89.644.302.794gremlins
Silver marius1 53.969.808.522gremlins
Bronze leonidas 27.348.675.340gremlins
4 th profy 23.852.734.701gremlins
5 th elvis 17.232.627.609gremlins
6 th nelutzu 6.460.252.335gremlins
7 th adrian 5.235.689.975gremlins
8 th aldvik 972.801.267gremlins
9 th principe 681.204.265gremlins
10 th legion 232.879.664gremlins

   Round 62

Champion profy 72.393.726.094gremlins
Silver marius1 71.495.922.946gremlins
Bronze adrian 35.545.720.115gremlins
4 th corvino 31.427.724.865gremlins
5 th nelutzu 22.186.829.070gremlins
6 th elvis 22.124.788.469gremlins
7 th aldvik 1.105.593.488gremlins
8 th leonidas 382.668.213gremlins
9 th legion 236.637.296gremlins
10 th tuxy2014 104.396.040gremlins

   Round 61

Champion profy 1.108.580.882.567gremlins
Silver marius1 945.563.578.791gremlins
Bronze nelutzu 913.300.272.843gremlins
4 th corvino 818.590.163.322gremlins
5 th aldvik 476.601.019.617gremlins
6 th elvis 301.941.340.614gremlins
7 th pysy91 226.158.554.402gremlins
8 th adrian 185.537.640.333gremlins
9 th legion 152.447.441.207gremlins
10 th principe 123.398.995.860gremlins

   Round 60

Champion profy 162.491.680.455gremlins
Silver marius1 93.688.850.472gremlins
Bronze corvino 52.051.995.083gremlins
4 th nelutzu 45.231.438.561gremlins
5 th leonidas 6.326.042.363gremlins
6 th principe 6.250.875.801gremlins
7 th aldvik 4.194.326.032gremlins
8 th pysy91 2.604.751.850gremlins
9 th nicusimo 2.340.541.584gremlins
10 th elvis 1.260.344.802gremlins

   Round 59

Champion profy 132.760.855.940gremlins
Silver corvino 56.000.751.732gremlins
Bronze marius1 33.401.207.496gremlins
4 th nelutzu 24.393.005.392gremlins
5 th adrian 23.502.561.189gremlins
6 th elvis 14.019.814.897gremlins
7 th principe 12.865.188.042gremlins
8 th maresalul 4.846.131.469gremlins
9 th leonidas 3.297.401.138gremlins
10 th nicusimo 602.246.972gremlins

   Round 58

Champion profy 154.330.799.722gremlins
Silver elvis 143.424.289.869gremlins
Bronze marius1 101.852.592.849gremlins
4 th nelutzu 19.804.176.767gremlins
5 th corvino 6.911.936.760gremlins
6 th principe 6.107.851.817gremlins
7 th leonidas
8 th baceru
9 th aldvik 415.977.205gremlins
10 th nicusimo 263.457.277gremlins

   Round 57

Champion profy 141.691.712.772gremlins
Silver marius1 95.508.351.090gremlins
Bronze elvis 91.787.594.187gremlins
4 th nelutzu 31.337.968.388gremlins
5 th corvino 12.778.046.503gremlins
6 th delux 11.399.201.855gremlins
7 th maresalul 2.795.797.598gremlins
8 th leonidas 2.708.012.682gremlins
9 th principe 2.394.207.797gremlins
10 th nicusimo 1.059.456.903gremlins

   Round 56

Champion nicusimo 67.026.833.073gremlins
Silver principe 42.589.685.386gremlins
Bronze marius1 27.814.272.553gremlins
4 th elvis
5 th leonidas 17.930.294.601gremlins
6 th smarty93 13.959.311.631gremlins
7 th corvino 2.366.006.944gremlins
8 th profy 1.745.235.671gremlins
9 th delux 473.014.598gremlins
10 th nelutzu 315.232.673gremlins

   Round 55

Champion baceru 103.832.480.285gremlins
Silver leonidas 56.061.635.539gremlins
Bronze principe 46.527.938.298gremlins
4 th elvis 6.283.482.213gremlins
5 th delux 5.596.916.509gremlins
6 th maresalul 3.689.162.874gremlins
7 th thezander 957.208.269gremlins
8 th profy 504.848.839gremlins
9 th marius1 420.723.692gremlins
10 th corvino 337.667.553gremlins

   Round 54

Champion leonidas
Silver baceru 36.484.618.007gremlins
Bronze principe 24.175.789.871gremlins
4 th maresalul 10.358.823.426gremlins
5 th kumbakysaka
6 th thezander 5.492.273.115gremlins
7 th nicusimo 4.942.375.514gremlins
8 th elvis 3.554.228.397gremlins
9 th corvino 2.542.952.512gremlins
10 th crowley 1.713.403.907gremlins

   Round 53

Champion corvino 201.367.730.021gremlins
Silver romario 129.912.368.050gremlins
Bronze hugo_boss 89.793.688.331gremlins
4 th marius1
5 th profy 63.786.910.370gremlins
6 th baceru 41.885.189.083gremlins
7 th elvis 14.671.646.618gremlins
8 th nelutzu
9 th principe 5.050.432.096gremlins
10 th leonidas 2.522.909.824gremlins

   Round 52

Champion baceru 741.553.400.614gremlins
Silver clona 688.912.335.759gremlins
Bronze theseus 382.329.875.044gremlins
4 th tweek
5 th maresalul 37.222.659.430gremlins
6 th romario 7.566.970.435gremlins
7 th nelutzu 4.375.153.635gremlins
8 th nicusimo 1.556.500.489gremlins
9 th elvis 1.503.490.150gremlins
10 th principe 1.359.916.249gremlins

   Round 51

Champion corvino 308.598.988.740gremlins
Silver romario 141.789.168.030gremlins
Bronze marius1 63.060.817.527gremlins
4 th nelutzu 61.650.492.758gremlins
5 th profy 26.813.511.650gremlins
6 th elvis 19.716.308.077gremlins
7 th leonidas 16.374.785.446gremlins
8 th principe 8.632.742.066gremlins
9 th arghir 2.909.249.593gremlins
10 th tweek 1.685.564.401gremlins

   Round 50

Champion lucifer 164.708.543.303gremlins
Silver jokero 81.607.797.619gremlins
Bronze yonnutzz 62.945.195.715gremlins
4 th watut85 52.486.406.154gremlins
5 th maresalul 6.933.156.501gremlins
6 th elvis 2.322.379.592gremlins
7 th principe 1.766.013.534gremlins
8 th nelutzu 1.365.779.416gremlins
9 th blue.sfantul 1.269.415.931gremlins
10 th leonidas 1.077.950.709gremlins

   Round 49

Champion profy 1.624.894.040.968gremlins
Silver elvis 917.070.032.786gremlins
Bronze marius1 614.428.528.676gremlins
4 th romario 556.764.822.439gremlins
5 th principe 457.804.089.224gremlins
6 th nelutzu 400.324.916.122gremlins
7 th pysy91 351.496.314.601gremlins
8 th maresalul 223.517.800.490gremlins
9 th leonidas 156.984.065.309gremlins
10 th corvino 121.170.305.166gremlins

   Round 48

Champion barny 95.573.003.833gremlins
Silver profy 65.662.193.726gremlins
Bronze nelutzu 16.780.355.112gremlins
4 th elvis 10.785.560.905gremlins
5 th romario 6.217.528.216gremlins
6 th principe 4.451.152.678gremlins
7 th marius1 4.201.515.876gremlins
8 th pysy91 2.393.413.098gremlins
9 th leonidas 2.388.080.163gremlins
10 th corvino 369.424.948gremlins

   Round 47

Champion marius1
Silver profy 139.330.946.947gremlins
Bronze corvino 59.191.509.196gremlins
4 th elvis 38.986.116.135gremlins
5 th nelutzu 23.484.410.413gremlins
6 th pysy91 18.491.333.579gremlins
7 th romario 11.705.100.250gremlins
8 th smarty93 6.446.976.967gremlins
9 th leonidas 4.694.488.864gremlins
10 th principe 2.516.393.485gremlins

   Round 46

Champion corvino 159.405.113.470gremlins
Silver romario 112.229.423.712gremlins
Bronze capitan_salamy 73.984.049.045gremlins
4 th nelutzu 22.801.888.135gremlins
5 th profy 18.552.444.421gremlins
6 th elvis
7 th marius1
8 th leonidas 10.493.390.318gremlins
9 th smarty93 2.055.909.403gremlins
10 th istvan 802.339.446gremlins

   Round 45

Champion corvino 319.479.978.197gremlins
Silver nelutzu
Bronze romario 108.928.348.626gremlins
4 th marius1 36.607.648.344gremlins
5 th elvis 10.441.773.222gremlins
6 th profy 7.512.136.094gremlins
7 th smarty93
8 th leonidas 4.343.800.906gremlins
9 th capitan_salamy
10 th pysy91 624.075.788gremlins

   Round 44

Champion corvino 178.081.375.211gremlins
Silver marius1 64.065.577.368gremlins
Bronze romario 51.521.087.041gremlins
4 th elvis 16.753.643.890gremlins
5 th nelutzu 10.321.651.316gremlins
6 th smarty93 7.632.588.847gremlins
7 th profy 4.668.300.545gremlins
8 th principe 3.807.856.812gremlins
9 th leonidas 1.874.263.982gremlins
10 th pysy91 448.028.311gremlins

   Round 43

Champion corvino 181.958.731.904gremlins
Silver elvis 137.577.759.468gremlins
Bronze profy 29.256.321.190gremlins
4 th marius1 19.389.339.104gremlins
5 th leonidas 9.688.349.942gremlins
6 th principe 6.814.549.648gremlins
7 th nelutzu 4.920.690.402gremlins
8 th romario 3.556.010.478gremlins
9 th georgep 934.959.495gremlins
10 th hugo_boss 890.256.487gremlins

   Round 42

Champion profy 127.615.646.738gremlins
Silver marius1 91.393.476.612gremlins
Bronze corvino 66.811.476.027gremlins
4 th hugo_boss 9.377.282.674gremlins
5 th pysy91 5.260.893.797gremlins
6 th romario 2.017.334.102gremlins
7 th georgep 1.796.242.793gremlins
8 th elvis 1.621.123.670gremlins
9 th leonidas 1.502.930.106gremlins
10 th nelutzu

   Round 41

Champion profy 41.773.921.850gremlins
Silver tranqila 40.945.163.515gremlins
Bronze pysy91 37.642.226.798gremlins
4 th elvis 27.390.687.311gremlins
5 th delux 19.990.192.587gremlins
6 th marius1 17.747.992.157gremlins
7 th nelutzu 7.940.187.701gremlins
8 th maresalul 6.824.587.283gremlins
9 th leonidas 6.520.567.634gremlins
10 th 123bilzerian 4.644.946.406gremlins

   Round 40

Champion tranqila 120.003.331.886gremlins
Silver crayziwoman 52.357.929.834gremlins
Bronze hugo_boss
4 th maresalul 27.522.175.922gremlins
5 th marius1 11.492.886.661gremlins
6 th profy 9.885.938.202gremlins
7 th nelutzu 9.857.826.096gremlins
8 th elvis 5.843.941.532gremlins
9 th principe 3.034.500.825gremlins
10 th istvan

   Round 39

Champion tranqila 60.501.938.406gremlins
Silver crayziwoman 14.149.773.678gremlins
Bronze elvis 13.925.902.327gremlins
4 th marius1 8.969.783.108gremlins
5 th profy 7.229.428.169gremlins
6 th nelutzu 7.198.391.433gremlins
7 th leonidas 6.342.588.031gremlins
8 th istvan 1.285.408.256gremlins
9 th principe 930.386.581gremlins
10 th smarty93 621.665.589gremlins

   Round 38

Champion tranqila 460.073.480.570gremlins
Silver killl 105.047.883.972gremlins
Bronze rumburack 41.477.463.730gremlins
4 th profy 17.987.194.515gremlins
5 th elvis 11.729.353.158gremlins
6 th marius1 11.455.526.482gremlins
7 th delux 10.352.289.839gremlins
8 th pysy91 6.027.396.908gremlins
9 th istvan 4.892.511.321gremlins
10 th nelutzu 4.468.994.182gremlins

   Round 37

Champion delux
Silver profy 1.240.458.105.326gremlins
Bronze marius1 897.012.689.925gremlins
4 th elvis 651.377.165.081gremlins
5 th tranqila 587.590.556.735gremlins
6 th maresalul 513.256.881.468gremlins
7 th killl 245.174.379.022gremlins
8 th principe 155.529.697.279gremlins
9 th roaf. 78.751.327.455gremlins
10 th leonidas 61.848.654.219gremlins

   Round 36

Champion delux 150.412.563.013gremlins
Silver profy 64.208.650.920gremlins
Bronze marius1 37.563.450.505gremlins
4 th nelutzu
5 th elvis 3.165.512.860gremlins
6 th principe 1.352.109.582gremlins
7 th dry_gin 826.730.801gremlins
8 th leonidas 508.255.427gremlins
9 th maresalul 398.978.778gremlins
10 th istvan 284.730.539gremlins

   Round 35

Champion profy
Silver principe
Bronze leonidas
4 th masterfuster 3.367.936.172gremlins
5 th nelutzu 1.740.917.957gremlins
6 th pysy91 819.761.850gremlins
7 th elvis 807.748.099gremlins
8 th dry_gin 306.310.153gremlins
9 th marius1 58.051.672gremlins
10 th galata 21.376.220gremlins

   Round 34

Champion tranqila 679.012.201.068gremlins
Silver dry_gin 31.679.391.006gremlins
Bronze killl 22.778.616.879gremlins
4 th nelutzu 12.669.895.857gremlins
5 th elvis
6 th crowley 4.965.702.271gremlins
7 th leonidas 2.876.156.144gremlins
8 th principe 2.123.675.628gremlins
9 th rumburack 365.088.348gremlins
10 th pysy91 23.643.821gremlins

   Round 33

Champion principe 107.385.196.465gremlins
Silver elvis 62.510.758.906gremlins
Bronze leonidas 61.418.988.937gremlins
4 th tranqila 20.216.782.289gremlins
5 th nelutzu 1.099.789.623gremlins
6 th crowley 517.934.072gremlins
7 th dry_gin 288.703.578gremlins
8 th rumburack 127.021.296gremlins
9 th bojox 41.526.302gremlins
10 th pysy91 21.930.450gremlins

   Round 32

Champion josearmando 127.129.783.225gremlins
Silver nelutzu 73.478.411.240gremlins
Bronze elvis 15.394.109.144gremlins
4 th principe
5 th maresalul 6.154.567.777gremlins
6 th leonidas 4.265.703.677gremlins
7 th danaila 834.471.732gremlins
8 th galata 524.392.223gremlins
9 th dry_gin 470.567.680gremlins
10 th crowley 159.718.360gremlins

   Round 31

Champion elvis 220.517.827.650gremlins
Silver maresalul 195.759.919.057gremlins
Bronze bioshock 19.822.076.898gremlins
4 th leonidas 7.216.820.419gremlins
5 th dry_gin 4.281.800.345gremlins
6 th josearmando 3.648.948.402gremlins
7 th principe 3.574.910.358gremlins
8 th crowley
9 th mack5 1.704.288.667gremlins
10 th rumburack

   Round 30

Champion tranqila 49.500.295.959gremlins
Silver elvis 39.690.951.424gremlins
Bronze dry_gin 26.373.957.006gremlins
4 th leonidas 4.932.895.151gremlins
5 th pysy91 1.493.734.189gremlins
6 th principe 1.013.868.539gremlins
7 th nelutzu 983.294.697gremlins
8 th barba-verde 948.250.324gremlins
9 th danaila 50.818.147gremlins
10 th crowley 39.088.043gremlins

   Round 29

Champion tranqila 498.046.218.393gremlins
Silver elvis 153.388.448.729gremlins
Bronze dry_gin 6.938.636.014gremlins
4 th barba-verde 5.193.518.430gremlins
5 th fofosefu
6 th rumburack 1.888.481.858gremlins
7 th pysy91 1.850.378.010gremlins
8 th hugo_boss 1.829.678.570gremlins
9 th leonidas 1.802.763.360gremlins
10 th nelutzu 1.696.371.769gremlins

   Round 28

Champion tranqila 359.791.818.620gremlins
Silver killl 108.628.290.700gremlins
Bronze elvis 35.878.576.597gremlins
4 th delux 13.477.792.114gremlins
5 th pysy91 3.301.906.828gremlins
6 th galata 2.842.655.709gremlins
7 th danaila 2.812.409.193gremlins
8 th rumburack 2.799.847.077gremlins
9 th leonidas 2.497.927.563gremlins
10 th maresalul 2.126.579.474gremlins

   Round 27

Champion tranqila 231.000.324.977gremlins
Silver delux 94.784.979.506gremlins
Bronze hugo_boss 66.168.371.961gremlins
4 th rumburack 15.779.287.850gremlins
5 th killl 8.429.580.378gremlins
6 th elvis 7.678.055.573gremlins
7 th pysy91 3.865.360.494gremlins
8 th galata 2.369.500.691gremlins
9 th danaila 2.169.312.440gremlins
10 th georgexxl 1.511.618.386gremlins

   Round 26

Champion tranqila 427.134.320.406gremlins
Silver pysy91 70.362.020.601gremlins
Bronze barba-verde 34.323.928.200gremlins
4 th killl 25.398.635.700gremlins
5 th rumburack 17.121.311.505gremlins
6 th delux 10.336.867.376gremlins
7 th danaila 7.434.961.528gremlins
8 th elvis 6.889.042.931gremlins
9 th leonidas 4.921.407.744gremlins
10 th principe 4.530.843.357gremlins

   Round 25

Champion tranqila 396.336.540.323gremlins
Silver barba-verde 374.220.953.588gremlins
Bronze pysy91 93.431.769.803gremlins
4 th rumburack
5 th danaila 19.903.412.358gremlins
6 th leonidas 9.751.644.481gremlins
7 th danydany 6.070.334.544gremlins
8 th nelutzu 5.408.024.433gremlins
9 th eurodima
10 th dannysogorescu 3.241.625.210gremlins

   Round 24

Champion tranqila 2.068.728.342.624gremlins
Silver maresalul 119.164.737.135gremlins
Bronze transversal 107.473.406.410gremlins
4 th pysy91 76.086.386.995gremlins
5 th raul. 54.677.428.223gremlins
6 th barba-verde 50.609.271.967gremlins
7 th ngmdr2 20.158.860.942gremlins
8 th rumburack 18.263.461.614gremlins
9 th danaila 14.856.324.301gremlins
10 th killl 3.027.784.990gremlins

   Round 23

Champion josearmando 207.869.050.628gremlins
Silver lizuca 87.296.364.987gremlins
Bronze antonia 80.542.052.081gremlins
4 th antisobarul 72.714.580.405gremlins
5 th danydany 16.355.787.593gremlins
6 th danaila
7 th nelutzu 11.365.106.804gremlins
8 th pysy91 7.540.690.512gremlins
9 th raul. 5.481.599.523gremlins
10 th tranqila 1.987.127.939gremlins

   Round 22

Champion danaila 480.953.416.960gremlins
Silver josearmando 137.094.642.189gremlins
Bronze pysy91 126.588.042.871gremlins
4 th lizuca 55.768.041.773gremlins
5 th nelutzu 33.297.342.219gremlins
6 th tranqila 2.257.339.138gremlins
7 th crowley 1.693.320.313gremlins
8 th mrrrrrrr 1.426.699.534gremlins
9 th danydany 1.344.079.017gremlins
10 th raul. 968.230.255gremlins

   Round 21

Champion josearmando 396.618.559.932gremlins
Silver joker 63.859.956.510gremlins
Bronze antisobarul 49.792.353.461gremlins
4 th lizuca 37.521.971.190gremlins
5 th danaila 9.315.396.263gremlins
6 th istvan 7.077.756.874gremlins
7 th nelutzu 6.783.968.063gremlins
8 th smarty93 3.653.898.613gremlins
9 th pysy91 809.114.201gremlins
10 th tranqila 597.803.486gremlins

   Round 20

Champion joker 989.710.882.118gremlins
Silver josearmando 756.681.923.064gremlins
Bronze lizuca 92.834.424.300gremlins
4 th hugo_boss 35.196.731.668gremlins
5 th antisobarul 25.472.206.935gremlins
6 th istvan 23.046.426.436gremlins
7 th zorro 17.934.925.014gremlins
8 th gremlin 17.601.916.612gremlins
9 th batman 17.313.278.840gremlins
10 th danaila 10.934.877.924gremlins

   Round 19

Champion hugo_boss 159.955.325.443gremlins
Silver joker 139.026.302.822gremlins
Bronze josearmando
4 th lizuca 34.793.325.185gremlins
5 th antonia 27.697.321.918gremlins
6 th istvan
7 th gremlin 19.201.353.467gremlins
8 th antisobarul 17.381.462.515gremlins
9 th fotbalistul 12.328.625.748gremlins
10 th batman 12.176.758.458gremlins

   Round 18

Champion hacker 330.400.733.137gremlins
Silver delux 186.581.530.970gremlins
Bronze pysy91 51.351.389.414gremlins
4 th nelutzu 37.982.047.216gremlins
5 th tranqila 24.171.845.389gremlins
6 th lizuca 20.252.359.033gremlins
7 th josearmando 18.390.103.563gremlins
8 th profy 12.777.666.897gremlins
9 th istvan 4.705.193.996gremlins
10 th cleopatra 2.490.162.520gremlins

   Round 17

Champion lizuca 44.867.099.110gremlins
Silver josearmando 44.459.797.940gremlins
Bronze joker 28.112.849.283gremlins
4 th antonia 23.399.359.444gremlins
5 th hugo_boss 19.199.517.168gremlins
6 th defekt 17.967.896.271gremlins
7 th pysy91 15.323.309.896gremlins
8 th danaila 8.331.044.802gremlins
9 th nelutzu 4.993.135.121gremlins
10 th tranqila 4.742.042.482gremlins

   Round 16

Champion griffin 703.786.302.656gremlins
Silver pysy91 63.267.830.814gremlins
Bronze marius1 60.187.448.284gremlins
4 th profy 18.764.498.830gremlins
5 th tranqila 17.703.241.016gremlins
6 th cleopatra 12.747.926.699gremlins
7 th lizuca 11.686.582.658gremlins
8 th danaila 9.627.787.155gremlins
9 th nelutzu 5.193.356.366gremlins
10 th antonia69 4.383.372.278gremlins

   Round 15

Champion antonia 171.895.678.546gremlins
Silver cucuminune 104.777.460.050gremlins
Bronze gremlin 68.370.223.692gremlins
4 th lizuca 59.462.352.346gremlins
5 th pysy91
6 th danaila
7 th joker 15.556.989.079gremlins
8 th istvan 13.112.757.547gremlins
9 th nelutzu 12.475.643.464gremlins
10 th hugo_boss 12.317.606.521gremlins

   Round 14

Champion istvan 425.936.632.848gremlins
Silver tranqila
Bronze lizuca 177.695.666.189gremlins
4 th danaila 60.892.884.163gremlins
5 th profy 36.148.525.899gremlins
6 th defekt 11.912.795.181gremlins
7 th pysy91 11.485.087.823gremlins
8 th marius1 8.740.364.112gremlins
9 th antonia 3.190.371.537gremlins
10 th nelutzu 2.770.821.817gremlins

   Round 13

Champion cucuminune 3.391.906.478.910gremlins
Silver joker 1.923.130.206.880gremlins
Bronze lizuca 1.169.920.328.530gremlins
4 th hugo_boss 511.139.352.565gremlins
5 th delux 291.821.078.989gremlins
6 th tranqila 278.717.284.507gremlins
7 th danaila 255.585.396.888gremlins
8 th nelutzu
9 th bojox 215.743.683.755gremlins
10 th pysy91 86.288.583.106gremlins

   Round 12

Champion cucuminune 248.878.869.810gremlins
Silver lizuca 119.555.518.112gremlins
Bronze joker 64.755.655.782gremlins
4 th gremlin 51.935.022.743gremlins
5 th tranqila 40.930.000.473gremlins
6 th nelutzu 18.710.623.730gremlins
7 th maresalul 10.186.579.592gremlins
8 th gaby2000 8.449.288.852gremlins
9 th profy 1.586.188.928gremlins
10 th hugo_boss 1.153.386.182gremlins

   Round 11

Champion gaby2000 129.548.836.339gremlins
Silver georgexxl 81.571.056.633gremlins
Bronze hugo_boss 79.751.549.404gremlins
4 th lizuca 31.861.776.642gremlins
5 th tranqila 29.775.259.573gremlins
6 th green_apple 6.859.416.373gremlins
7 th adrian 4.551.165.265gremlins
8 th nelutzu 4.512.317.950gremlins
9 th delux 3.324.699.241gremlins
10 th profy 1.665.316.178gremlins

   Round 10

Champion green_apple 1.013.334.656.030gremlins
Silver smarty93 372.142.779.915gremlins
Bronze cucuminune
4 th lizuca 41.561.962.603gremlins
5 th hugo_boss 16.936.779.592gremlins
6 th tranqila 14.177.679.951gremlins
7 th nelutzu 11.936.966.995gremlins
8 th joker 8.960.242.976gremlins
9 th gaby2000
10 th mack5 2.957.368.091gremlins

   Round 9

Champion joker 1.052.330.578.760gremlins
Silver cucuminune 250.365.069.127gremlins
Bronze lizuca 53.109.833.701gremlins
4 th green_apple 33.557.831.269gremlins
5 th gremlin
6 th maresalul 26.480.070.667gremlins
7 th gaby2000 22.951.285.981gremlins
8 th nelutzu 7.874.282.189gremlins
9 th cocolino3 7.354.159.537gremlins
10 th hugo_boss 2.389.124.835gremlins

   Round 8

Champion cucuminune 556.988.870.189gremlins
Silver joker 495.329.190.384gremlins
Bronze green_apple 283.419.182.444gremlins
4 th delux 243.066.940.650gremlins
5 th lizuca 114.948.453.301gremlins
6 th marmota 68.986.127.237gremlins
7 th istvan 28.497.118.477gremlins
8 th gremlin 27.772.874.637gremlins
9 th smarty93 20.784.335.360gremlins
10 th profy 17.218.582.796gremlins

   Round 7

Champion joker 438.241.466.278gremlins
Silver cucuminune 157.227.697.852gremlins
Bronze lizuca 131.866.994.053gremlins
4 th marmota 109.365.087.258gremlins
5 th gremlin 86.539.299.680gremlins
6 th green_apple 50.623.843.417gremlins
7 th gaby2000 38.414.030.372gremlins
8 th danaila 20.115.462.129gremlins
9 th delux 11.228.313.166gremlins
10 th nelutzu 3.832.780.101gremlins

   Round 6

Champion green_apple 512.208.474.210gremlins
Silver cucuminune 474.182.749.792gremlins
Bronze joker 470.212.191.104gremlins
4 th marmota 396.313.948.198gremlins
5 th gremlin 376.193.781.719gremlins
6 th lizuca 83.152.383.910gremlins
7 th antonia 80.139.537.545gremlins
8 th kissoffheavenn 29.320.462.181gremlins
9 th delux 27.203.660.123gremlins
10 th maresalul

   Round 5

Champion cucuminune 802.136.345.641gremlins
Silver joker 642.145.695.300gremlins
Bronze green_apple 181.617.496.208gremlins
4 th lizuca 106.570.810.148gremlins
5 th marmota 42.529.286.354gremlins
6 th kissoffheavenn 34.130.991.715gremlins
7 th nelutzu 34.050.701.593gremlins
8 th tranqila 30.737.016.751gremlins
9 th maresalul 30.484.917.915gremlins
10 th tot_eu_babaul

   Round 4

Champion joker 709.189.447.950gremlins
Silver cucuminune 516.395.401.303gremlins
Bronze tranqila 154.639.428.911gremlins
4 th green_apple 56.480.388.848gremlins
5 th maresalul 46.489.005.528gremlins
6 th lizuca 42.001.784.233gremlins
7 th delux 37.469.807.897gremlins
8 th marmota 37.380.900.459gremlins
9 th frkfrancezu 33.417.747.218gremlins
10 th kissoffheavenn 29.860.066.851gremlins

   Round 3

Champion green_apple 185.057.442.831gremlins
Silver cucuminune 158.317.374.545gremlins
Bronze maresalul 146.001.719.274gremlins
4 th joker
5 th tranqila
6 th kissoffheavenn 35.360.282.245gremlins
7 th gremlin 34.732.697.800gremlins
8 th danaila 14.868.927.512gremlins
9 th galata 11.937.812.713gremlins
10 th delux 8.421.576.397gremlins

   Round 2

Champion nu_stiu_cine 1.930.663.812.113gremlins
Silver kenzo 1.558.171.723.690gremlins
Bronze cocalaru 521.056.582.459gremlins
4 th danaila 406.029.181.298gremlins
5 th deruth 235.098.985.681gremlins
6 th hugo_boss 145.143.535.355gremlins
7 th damnbitch 144.207.407.194gremlins
8 th green_apple 107.384.647.186gremlins
9 th cucuminune 64.652.166.279gremlins
10 th kissoffheavenn 51.730.510.056gremlins

   Round 1

Champion cucuminune 3.890.326.818gremlins
Silver hugo_boss 456.641.933gremlins
Bronze green_apple 440.238.370gremlins
4 th sarmala97 439.118.091gremlins
5 th adrianminune 154.800.093gremlins
6 th asta_mica 134.622.782gremlins
7 th tot_eu_babaul 72.849.921gremlins
8 th mother 71.624.685gremlins
9 th cocolino3 57.800.856gremlins
10 th alabama 52.037.806gremlins
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About the game

Your goal is to obtain as many gremlins as you can. To be number one! You can obtain them in two ways: through your everyday life, in your beautiful country, or, in a second way, by stealing them from other players.

The house where you live produces gremlins every hour. The bigger the house, the more gremlins you'll have (well, how many devlish feelings do you have when bills come, or when you have to obtain permits from City Hall for every little thing you have to add to your home�). In addition, if you buy a car, you will produce more gremlins. But, you need money to do this, of course. Money you take by renting a room or two from your house, or by renting your car(maybe take people hitchhiking), but above all, by starting an exchange office business or a factory. So, you need a balanced strategy. Invest in buildings that make you money, to have resources that allow investing in buildings producing many gremlins.

Who said you can not take the gremlins from others� You just need some priests who control the gremlins and there's an army! You can attack anyone in the game, if you send at least a priest. But keep in mind that priests have a very high power and, if you have many priests in your army, you can capture more of the enemy's gremlins! Also, priests are of great importance to defense. A priest protects 100 gremlins. So if someone attacks you and you lose, and after the battle, you remain with 10 priests, you will be sure to keep at least 1.000 of your gremlins. So, great care with the priests! If you have public attacks, you can attack public institutions, where you can get artifacts and potions. Also, each player levels up depending on the game experience he accumulated. Experience can increase after each battle you take part of. The level gives the player a bonus for production and battle power.

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