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The Herbs of Abundance
The Light of Kimera
Purple Seed
A Wizard`s Wand
The Hermit`s Ring
The Golden Leaf
Super Herbs of Abundance
Super Light of Kimera
Super Purple Seed
Wizards`s Super Wand
St Peter`s Sandals
The Heart of the Mountain
Jack`s Beans
The Book of Fairies
The Roots from Haunted Valley
The Bottomless Chest
The Monk`s Bag
The Magic Flute
The Crystal Globe
The Fairy`s Necklace
King Arthur`s Ring
The Golden Egg
Ivan`s Devils Cage
A Dwarf Boot
White Whitch`s Light
Eastern Knight`s Gloves
The Magic Mirror
St. Peter`s Staff
The Golden Apple
The Mantle of Lucifer
BlueBird`s feather
Yeti`s Boots
Rumpelstiltskin`s Dagger
Simbad`s Bottle
The Dragon`s Pot
St. Elijah s Whip
Belt of the Evil Witch
Sleeping Beauty`s Needle
The Stone Giant`s Hammer
Prince Charming`s Sword
The Mace of the Dragon
Scales from a Golden Fish
Atilla`s Axe
St. George s Spear
St Andrew`s Cross
Sword of Zalmoxis
The King`s Scepter
The Mace with Three Seals
The Swords of Destiny
Tears from the All Seeing Eye
Essence of Clouds