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The Herbs of Abundance
The Light of Kimera
Purple Seed
A Wizard`s Wand
The Hermit`s Ring
The Golden Leaf
Super Herbs of Abundance
Super Light of Kimera
Super Purple Seed
Wizards`s Super Wand
St Peter`s Sandals
The Heart of the Mountain
Jack`s Beans
The Book of Fairies
The Roots from Haunted Valley
The Bottomless Chest
The Monk`s Bag
The Magic Flute
The Crystal Globe
The Fairy`s Necklace
King Arthur`s Ring
The Golden Egg
Ivan`s Devils Cage
A Dwarf Boot
White Whitch`s Light
Eastern Knight`s Gloves
The Magic Mirror
St. Peter`s Staff
The Golden Apple
The Mantle of Lucifer
BlueBird`s feather
Yeti`s Boots
Rumpelstiltskin`s Dagger
Simbad`s Bottle
The Dragon`s Pot
St. Elijah s Whip
Belt of the Evil Witch
Sleeping Beauty`s Needle
The Stone Giant`s Hammer
Prince Charming`s Sword
The Mace of the Dragon
Scales from a Golden Fish
Atilla`s Axe
St. George s Spear
St Andrew`s Cross
Sword of Zalmoxis
The King`s Scepter
The Mace with Three Seals
The Swords of Destiny
Tears from the All Seeing Eye
Essence of Clouds
Tea of Icarus
The Purple Flame
Charmed Wine
The Purple Flame 24
The Purple Flame 48
The Purple Flame 7 days
Elixir of Truth
Super Elixir of Truth
Elixir of Youth
Potion of Illusions
Super Elixir of Youth
Potion of Calm
Potion of Opened Eyes
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About the game

Your goal is to obtain as many gremlins as you can. To be number one! You can obtain them in two ways: through your everyday life, in your beautiful country, or, in a second way, by stealing them from other players.

The house where you live produces gremlins every hour. The bigger the house, the more gremlins you'll have (well, how many devlish feelings do you have when bills come, or when you have to obtain permits from City Hall for every little thing you have to add to your home�). In addition, if you buy a car, you will produce more gremlins. But, you need money to do this, of course. Money you take by renting a room or two from your house, or by renting your car(maybe take people hitchhiking), but above all, by starting an exchange office business or a factory. So, you need a balanced strategy. Invest in buildings that make you money, to have resources that allow investing in buildings producing many gremlins.

Who said you can not take the gremlins from others� You just need some priests who control the gremlins and there's an army! You can attack anyone in the game, if you send at least a priest. But keep in mind that priests have a very high power and, if you have many priests in your army, you can capture more of the enemy's gremlins! Also, priests are of great importance to defense. A priest protects 100 gremlins. So if someone attacks you and you lose, and after the battle, you remain with 10 priests, you will be sure to keep at least 1.000 of your gremlins. So, great care with the priests! If you have public attacks, you can attack public institutions, where you can get artifacts and potions. Also, each player levels up depending on the game experience he accumulated. Experience can increase after each battle you take part of. The level gives the player a bonus for production and battle power.

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